Gross Bohlschau (Bolszewo), Kreis Neustadt, West Prussia

The village of Gross Bohlschau (Bolszewo), Kreis Neustadt was the source of many Friedrich and David Remus family records. These Remus family members migrated to MI and the village of Remus, MI was named after them. Gross Bohlschau (Bolszewo) was a village granted to a noble family and most likely was a manorial farm although I found no manor house or manorial barns there. It is on the Rheda River and once was the site of a mill. The Remus family was also on manorial farms in the villages of Gora, Nanitz, Kapino and Petzau (see Nanitz). Later some Remus family members moved directly to MI while others spent time in Wilhelmshuld (Kolonia) prior to immigrating.

They are the likely sons of Christ. Remus (Christian or Christoph) who lived in Salau (Seelau) at the time of the West Prussia census in 1772. Salau (Seelau) is located just west of the town of Neustadt near Zelewo; the village's alternate name is Mielke's Bruch and also Sellnow. This village can be seen to the left of the big map above. So it also just west of Oliva (Gdansk-Oliwa). The 1772 census record is:

Remus, Christ. Salau Oliva 18011045 6036 348 1710

Remus, Christ. Salau Oliva 18011045 6037 717 1710 (duplicate)

One male under A. one female under A. These are the adult marriage partners. No children (could be either a young couple without children yet or older couple with all children living outside the household - probably the later in this case). Christ Remus is also listed as a "Toepfer", the "o" being an umlaut; that is, a potter.

The church in Gross Bohlschau (Bolszewo) dates from well before 1661 but was rebuilt in 1857 and very likely rebuilt again after the Second World War.

The current village is a modern suburb of the town of Neustadt (Wejherowo) and its church is very modern except its bells that date from 1661. Here are pictures of the church and bell.




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