Neustadt (Weiherowo), Kreis Neustadt, West Prussia

The town of Neustadt (Weiherowo is its current name but alternative spellings include Wejherowo and Weyherowo) Lutheran church book was also a source of many Remus family records. These Remus family members migrated to MI and the village of Remus, MI was named after them.

Although this is the administrative center of the Kreis (county) and its biggest city, the Remus family was not living here. Instead they were on manorial farms in the villages of Gora, Bohlschau, Nanitz, Kapino and Petzau (see Nanitz). The complete set of Remus family records can be found on the Bohlschau webpage. Later some Remus family members moved directly to MI while others spent time in Wilhelmshuld (Kolonia) prior to immigrating.

Jakob von Weiher established this town in 1650, he was also the founder of Putzig. Later the Sobieski family owned Neustadt. Now the city is free of noble influence and is a thriving metropolis. The Polish name for the town is taken from Jakob's surname, Weiherowo. Here is a picture of a statue of Jakob:

Here are pictures of the town, market plaza, and its two churches.

The old Evangelical Church:

The third church interior


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August 11, 2010