Komorze (Klein and Gross)

Komorza Mała and Komorza Wielka

Klein and Gross Komorze were two manorial villages just north of Kiepin and south of Woziwoda. There were Remus family members in these villages including Johan (Michael) Remus (grandson of Johan Remus and Christine Berent of Lanken and son of Johan Remus and Eva Halweg) and his wife Eva Klotz. Click here for this family. Here is his 1772 Census Record:

Remus, Johann Wittstock Tuchel 18113124 6042 849

It is from a period prior to his arrival in these villages.

DGB (vol 62, p 577) says that Johan (Michael) Remus and his wife Eva Klotz; were married in here 1772. There is a daughter Christine by his earlier marriage to Sussanna. Both DGB and the census say that Johan was a shepherd. After living in Wittstock, the Johan (Michael) Remus family (wife Eva Klotz) later lived in the village of both Klein and Gross Komorze.

Here are pictures of the Gross Komorze; the first is a quick view of the manor house in that village.


Here are pictures from the old Manorial Farm at Klein Komorze:

And here is a 1914 map of the area including Klein and Gross Komorze at the top:

(Click the map to blow it up)


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