Kielpin, Kreis Tuchel, West Prussia

Kielpin was the home of the large Johan Remus and Susanne Abram family including their sons Friedrich Wilhelm Remus and David Remus. Click here for this large family. Johan headed family 2, Friedrich Wilhelm headed family 5 and David headed family 7. These brothers married sisters Anna Catherine Wiese and Luise Wiese respectively. They produced many children (and grandchildren). Friedrich Wilhelm Remus lived in Kielpin and many of his children migrated to Kansas in America. David Remus lived in Lossiny and his children stayed in the area. Johan's father Johan and mother Anna Marie Halweg lived in Okiersk. Johan and Susanna lived in Wimislaw (Neuhof) in their later life (a village which was really part of Kielpin).

Kielpin was a manorial village but the manor was outside the main village and may in fact have been in Wimislaw (Johan Remus (husband of Susanna Abram) was the guts besitzer (lived in the manorial estate house) in Wimislaw). The villages appear to be situated in good farmland just north of Tuchel.

For a Map of Kielpin, Click here for the Adobe Acrobat Version. Here is a 1914 map of the area:

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Here a three pictures of the modern village and its modern church.


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