Lossiny, Kreis Tuchel, West Prussia

Lossiny is a very small village next to Okiersk (an important village for the Michael Remus One family of Pollnitz) on the Napoleon Strasse (road in German) a few kilometers east of Tuchel. There were many Remus families in this village who related to the Remus families in Okiersk and the Remus families in Lubierszin. It appears that Lossiny had available land suitable for farming and was well located so as to keep the families together.

The David Remus family from Lubierszin lived in this village; he is shown as the head of family 7 in this report on the Johan Remus and Susanna Abram family. All of the following of David's children lived in Lossiny. Carl August Remus and his wives Caroline Kirchoff and later Emilie Frase are family 19. Lorenz Musolph and his wife Rosalie Remus are family 20; you can contact Felizitas for more on this family. Johan Remus and Emilie nee Remus are family 21. Carl Kirshstein and Emilie Auguste Remus are family 22.

Here is a view of the countryside from Lossiny village:

If you go to Lossiny, you would find something that your ancestors would not find. Here is a picture of the fire station:

Here is a map of Lossiny (Loszinni) near Okiersk including the Napolean Strasse (a straight line just above Loszinni). Other villages later associated with the Remus family (including Krumstadt) are shown in yellow:

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February 15, 2010