Liskau or Ziskau (Liskowo or Czyzkowo or Ziskowo)

Liskau is a small farming village in Kries Flatow near Ossowo (a home village for the Remus family) and the parish church in Battrow. The village head (schultz) was Christoph Weisjahn at the turn of the 19th century. His family married well including the marriage of his daugther Florentina to schultz Karl Remus of Ossowo (Karl also owned property in this village). Click here to see the descendents of Christian Remus of Ossowo including the Carl Remus family.

The Klawitter family was also an important family in this village. Andrea Zimmermann <> is a descendent of this family. As far was I can tell, this Klawitter family is not related to the Klawitter families of Okiersk, Kreis Tuchel and Zbosse, Kreis Flatow that married into the Remus family.


Here is a picture of this village:


This village also contains a modern Catholic church. Here is a picture of this church:

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October 1, 2007