Aspenau (Osowo), Kreis Flatow, West Prussia

Der Kries Flatow (pp. 284-285) says the Schulz of this village was a Remus as far back as 1706 and that this was the home village for the Remus family; the village was also known as Aspenau. The estate (Schultzengut) included the small lake known as Czarnice (czarny = black) - probably the Teufelsee or devil's lake. This Frieschultz had 4 times the land allotment of the ordinary village farmer (bauer). Augustin Dzialynski of Pottlitz owned the land (Click on Pottlitz for details on the Dzialynski family). The village dates back to at least 1652 when there were 9 farmers living here. This family was Lutheran so the nearest Lutheran Church was a Batrowo. Were they Catholic, they would have attended the Catholic Church at Gross Butzig.

ZBS records that Christian Remus and his wife purchased this Schulzengut on 11 July 1754 for 2600 tymp by buying out the interests of his widowed mother Christine Berent and Christian's brothers. Thus, the schultzengut must have been in the name of his late father Johan Remus, husband of Christine Berent (see Lanken), and this transaction was designed to settle the estate. Some sources say the Remus family lived in this village since 1706. Christian got an inheritable lease on the property on Ossowo and the proceeds also may have helped Martin Remus acquire a schulzengut in Schwente. A 1798 land contract gives Christian Remus' wife as of that date as Anna Dorothea Warmbier.

Here is the 1772 census record for Christian Remus of Ossowo:

Remus, Freischulz Ossowo Crojanke 18113050 6039 386 24

The Freischulz Christian Remus was living with his wife (Anna Dorothea Warmbier), two sons over 12 years old (Johan and ?), one daughter under 12 years old (?), four hired male workers, and two hired female workers. There were 11 in the household. The later Schultzes were Johan Remus (wife Florianna Weisjahn daughter of the Schultz of Liskowo) in 1798, his son Karl Remus (wife Clara Radies) after 1810, and Wilhelm Remus starting by 1847. Their daughter Henriette married Carl von Kliest of nearby Neuguth. See LDS microfilm 491164 for Osowo village in the Krojanke tax records.

The village is basically a German style village and was largely German residents prior to the Second World War; almost all the houses are clustered along both sides of the road. Following is a picture of the house that the local residents said belonged to village head Ewald Remus and family (they left as the Russian Army approached):

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Recently a student and village residents restored grave markers from the old German cemetery; here is a picture of the markers. It is really great to see this old cemetery still cared for.

Click here for closeups of two of the markers, that of Ida Klawitter and Emilie Lenz.

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