Obendorf (Obodowo), Kreis Flatow, West Prussia

Obodowo is a village in Kreis Flatow. I am interested in this village as several Remus families were associated with this village. The most interesting one was that of August Remus who was a blacksmith who spent most of his working life at manorial farms in Kreis Wirsitz. His second wife was Rosa Piekarska of Weissenthal (Skoraczewo) near Mrotschen. They had many children as they moved from estate to estate in the area including their first son August Eduard Remus who was born in Vorwerk Mrotschen (an estate near Mrotschen). August Eduard married Florence Neubauer of this village on 9 December 1879. Many of their children were born in this village prior to their migration to America. Click here for that family. Contact Rhoda Mackenzie for more information on this family.


This village had a Lutheran church which was destroyed in the war and a graveyard (no grave stones remain) as shown below:

But only a Catholic Chapel now serves the village.

There is also a store for ice cream (and vodka).

We were fortunate to make contact with the Bonk family in nearby Eickflier who were very helpful in telling us about the village. Here they are:


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September 17, 2007