Weissenthal (Skoraczewo), Kreis Wirsitz

Weissenthal (Skoraczewo) was the home of August Remus' second wife Rosa Piekarska. After they married, they had many children as they moved from estate to estate in the area. After August died in the 1880's in Weissenthurm, the rest of the family moved to the Chicago area. Click here for that family. Contact Rhoda Mackenzie hbmack@comcast.net for more information on this family.

Most of the important events in their lives were celebrated at the Lutheran Church in Mrotschen. Weissenthal (Skoraczewo) was a manorial village with the manor house (gut). Here is a closeup map of the village in 1939:

Here are pictures of a house and barn from this village as well as me with the Polish village sign.

Here is a map of the area from 1914; Weissenthal is just north of Mrotschen:



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January 24, 2007