Ossowke, Kreis Flatow, West Prussia

Ossowke is a village near the city of Flatow in Kreis Flatow, West Prussia. I visited this lovely village in 2003 and took a picture of its formerly Lutheran church.  Here is that picture:


Recently I became very interested in this village due to my communications with two descendents of the Schallhorn family. When Prussia took over this area in 1772, Friedrich the Great conducted a land census over the whole area and there was only one Schallhorn in the area and that person, Friedrich Schallhorn, lived in this village.

This village was in the Evangelical Lutheran parish of Tarnowke and there were still Schallhorns in Ossowke at least as late as the 1850�s. If you are also interested in this family, do email Gail Tonnesen See the Family History Center microfilm 904696 to see these Schallhorn marriage records.  

Another likely descendent of the Friedrich Schallhorn above was also named Friedrich Schallhorn. He married Elisabeth Wolf and lived in Battrow village also in Kreis Flatow. Schallhorns continue in this village until the 1850�s. Marge Combe is a descendent of this family.


Ossowke is located just north of Tarnowke on the left side of the map:


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October 3, 2012