Tarnowke (Tarnowka)

Tarnowke, Kreis Flatow is one of the finest villages in the area. It was neat and well kept and is amongst fine farmland. The old church is well kept up. There has been a Lutheran congregation here since 1582. Its interior dates back beyond 1732 when the church was closed due to religious conflict in the village. With the funding of Christoph Nehring, schultz of this village, it was reestablished I in 1772. Christoph is said to be buried under the Linden tree in the church yard. Christoph's son Peter Nehring lived in Neubraa, Kreis Schlochau, a village associated with the millers in the Remus family.

Here are some pictures of that village and its church:




The church in Tarnowke served many Lutherans in outlying villages including Kramske, Louisenhof, Ossowke, Petzin, Petzewo, and Plotzmin.

I talked with the very nice Priest who now serves the church. He loves the village and has been collecting pictures from village history. He is great to talk to about the village (in Polish). He said that unfortunately the only useful old genealogical information is on the LDS microfilms and he believes the rest of the old documents and church books were lost in the war.

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October 31, 2004