Alt and Neu Paleschken (Polaszki)

Alt and Neu Paleschken are small manorial villages with mills; some of the millers were from the Carl Friedrich Remus family of Gross Pallubin. The descendents of Christian Remus and Constantia Citzau lived here and in Gross Pallubin; Christian and Constantia lived in the Schloss Kischau and Alt Kishau.

Alt Paleschken

This village dates back to 1289 when the Knight Albert owned it. In 1359 the Teutonic Knights purchased it. By 1456 the village was royal property. The manor house dates from 1748 and was built by the Skuorecuski family. The 18th century brought a mill, brewery, inn, and St Nikolaus church. Here is a picture of the St Nikolaus church from the book Kreis Berent:


And here that church in 2007:



Neu Paleschken

This village dates to about 1800 when it was built by German settlers. Here is a picture of the Neu Paleschken church from the book Kreis Berent:


 And here is that church in 2007 and pictures of the Neu Paleschken including the last one which is the likely site of the old mill:





Here is a map showing this village as well as Gross Pallubin:

Website lists the Polish Nobility in many Polish villages between 1700 and 1800. For Paleschken, it lists nobles v. Beyer, v. Skorzewski, v. Czapski, and v. Drogoslaw-Skorzewski.

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September 29, 2006