Wilkowo, Kreis Flatow, West Prussia

Wilkowo was a small manorial village just south of Waldau. It has a lovely gut (estate). The resident here would not have lived in the manor house shown below but might have lived in an earlier manor house at this location. There were contemporary Hoppes to Caspar Hoppe of Klien Wellnitz that lived here; they thus might have been related to Caspar Hoppe and his wife Barbara Elisabeth Remus. Click her for that family.

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The manor house is about all there is to the village. The manor is about 3 kilometers south of Waldau and northeast of Zbosse and Klien Wellnitz.


Here is more from Jan Hoppe ( (a descendant of the Wilkowo Hoppes): "Wilkowo was area under administration of Cystersians monks from Koronowo. I am in possession of documents in Latin from the 1700's where monks (representing authority of Polish crown) give the so called 'Dutch Law' rights of tenancy to Hoppes. They were given status of administrators of the village and this document is in the form of economic contract between Hoppes and monks. These monks were administrators of vast crown properties all over Poland and responsible for their economic development to the kings. In 1772 these documents were translated to German and you can see them by clicking here (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7, and page 8). The last page includes a list of the monks. The images may appear too big on your screen so download them to set your desired mix of size and clarity.


The first owner of Wilkowo was David Hoppe (1714-1785) and he married Anna Marianna Wyc (Wytz or Witz) written as maiden name Wycowna in polish. The David Hoppe family was the residents of Wilkowo during the 1772 census and the time that Caspar lived nearby. Probably related to one of these families is Eva Rosina Hoppe who married Peter Tuszyk (Tusik), Schulz (Village Head) of Drausnitz, a village north of Waldau. For more on this family, contact Rotraud Scholz


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