Polish Krone (Koronowo), Kreis Bromberg, West Prussia

Koronowo is a major town in Kreis Bromberg. This town has a very nice Catholic Church and Market Plaza. The market plaza formerly held the Lutheran church and the birth, marriage, and death records for Remus family members in villages like Althoff and Glinke were recorded at that Lutheran Church. Also descendents of Michael Remus of Pollnitz like Ludwig Klahr and his wife Anna Marie Mix lived there. They can be found in Michael's genealogy.

Here are pictures:


When I was there they were having a Teutonic Knight Festival (the anniversary of the Knights defeat by the Poles and allied armies in 1410). There was a Teutonic Knight Castle nearby in 1377. Here are a few Teutonic Knights for you:


There is also a Carmelite Church, not pictured, which derived revenues from Wilkowo in Kreis Flatow.

Here is a 1914 map of the area. Do note how Koronowo (Crone) is three-quarters surrounded by the river so had a strong defense:

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February 12, 2010