Wussow, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern



Wussow (Ossowo) is a manorial village near Varzim, both is Kreis Rummelsburg. On the above map you can see the bigger black bars were the barns and Gut designates the manor house. Also shown are the church and cemetery; this church was the home church of Otto von Bismarck the Chancellor and architect of modern Germany. Here is a picture of the village:



Most of the houses were for the workers:



The Gut (manor house) seems to have been destroyed but there are still some of the barns:



The parish church for this village and nearby Varzim in here in the village:




Also I might note that Martin Remus�s son Heinrich married Auguste Rutz here in Wussow (Ossowo). Heinrich was born in nearby Besswitz.


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September 1, 2014