Varzim, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern




I encountered the village of Varzim while traveling to the nearby village of Besswitz which was associated with the Martin Remus family. Having just read an article on Germany Chancellor Otto von Bismarck, I took time for a few quick pictures. Unfortunately none of the pictures were about the house of Otto von Bismarck and his gardens so well depicted on the above map.


What pictures I did get show the main approach to his estate and school. Here it is:



Following the Second World War this village was converted from the great manorial farm that it was into a state farm. Here is first a picture of a pre-war house for workers followed by a picture of the housing for state farm workers:





There is a historic and reconstructed church in the village. This old wooden church was consecrated as a Lutheran church and dates from 1670; it was originally in the nearby village of Ciecholubia. Residents of Varzim went to nearby Wussow (Ossowo) to attend church. It is not clear why the church was relocated in this village rather than put back in Ciecholubia. Never the less it is very pretty, here is a picture:



Otto von Bismarck came to this area by virtue of his marriage to the noble Johanna Puttkamer of nearby Reinfeld. They were married in the Alt Kolziglow church. Following his loss of the Chancellorship in 1866, Otto bought Varzim where he built his retreat. For more on his efforts to consolidate the numerous German states and to fight the Austrians and French, see Holt and Chilton�s European History: 1862 � 1914 published by Macmillan in New York in 1918. Or a more recent book on Bismarck. I might note that the Remus family is not associated with Varzim but is associated with his church in Wussow (Ossowo), Alt Kolziglow where Otto was married, Reinfeld where is wife lived, and Besswitz just down the road from Varzim.


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September 1, 2014