Alt Kolziglow (Kolczyglowy), Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern

Alt Kolziglow is important to me because it is the home village of my cousins, the Rudlaff family of Berrien County, Michigan. I was able to identify this village as family patriarch Carl Rudlaff's birth village though his death record. Carl Rudlaff moved his family to Romansdorf in Kiev Parish in the 1860's. There the Rudlaff's intermarried with the village families including the Lehmanns that are part of my line. There were also numerous Remus families working on outlying manorial estates but having marriages and baptism in the church in this village.

Alt Kolziglow is a village just about half way between Slupsk and Bytow in Kries Rummelsburg in Pomerania; it is on Polish highway 209 near Barnow and Reinfeld. Both of the latter were manorial estates associated with the Puttkamer family and having Remus workers. It is situated between large hills.

It is a lovely old village with an interesting church. The church was formerly Lutheran but now is a Catholic Church. Here is a picture of the exterior and a picture of the interior (the latter courtesy of Carolyn Casperson whose Wick family lived here):


And interesting old buildings:

Peter Hingst's family is also from the village ( Here are some additional details that he provided:

The church of Kolziglow is the one in which the famous Chancellor of Imperial Germany, Otto von Bismarck, was married in 1847. His bride was a Lady Johanna von Puttkamer who lived in Reinfeld, few miles to the southeast. The building was established in 1823 (which would say that Carl Rudlaff may have been baptized inside its walls, just like some of my ancestors were). Did you realize there was a separated belfry nearby, which houses a bell of 1793?

Regards Peter Hingst

August Remus and Wilhelmine Dahlke of Millburg Michigan lived in Reinfeld mentioned in the above paragraph probably as workers of the Puttkamer estate (see manorial farm for details of life on these estates). Their child Paul Richard Franz Remus was born there on 25 December 1880. He was probably baptized in the Alt Kolziglow church and his birth was recorded at the civil record office in Barnow mentioned above. This family had just recently arrived in Reinfeld and was soon to leave for Michigan.



Here is a picture of that belfry mentioned by Peter Hingst above:

And here is an entry from a book on the villages of Rummelburg:


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