Reinfeld, Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern



Reinfeld was a manorial farm just south of Alt Kolziglow in Kreis Rummelsburg. It is best known as it is the residence of Johanna Puttkamer the wife of German Chancellor Otto Bismarck. The Puttkamers owned many villages in the area including Barnow but this was the most beautiful.


On the above map you will know the long black lines showing the barns and the short black lines showing hours. The manor house (gut) is at the left of the three black lines showing the barns. The pond was a common for the peasants living around it.


First, here is a picture of the modernized manor house:



And here are some of the barns on the manorial estate:



While the Puttkamers lived in the gut, the peasants lived in worker house around the ponds. Here are pictures of pond and houses:




Martin Remus lived in Besswitz, Rummelsburg and his child August Remus and his wife Wilhelmine Dalke left for Millburg, Michigan via another Puttkamer manorial farm at Barnow, Rummelsburg. Martin�s daughter Johanna married Friedrich Steinhorst and directly moved to Minnesota. Martin�s son Johan worked here at this Puttkamer estate in Reinfeld, Rummelsburg and Martin�s son Heinrich worked in Wussow (Ossowo), Rummelsburg where Otto von Bismarck went to church.

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