Zempelburg (Sepolno Krajenskie), Kreis Flatow, West Prussia

Zempelburg was one of the major Lutheran parishes in the late 1600's. When the Polish government banned the Lutheran religion around 1714, the church was destroyed. When this region was incorporated into Prussia, Zempelburg again became a Lutheran center. My great-great-great-grandfather Daniel Remus, a shepherd, was born between 1772 and 1778; On 16 October 1808 here in Zempelburg Daniel Remus married Christine Golz who was born in 1782 in Vandsburg. Daniel Remus's father (my great-great-grandfather) Daniel was born just south of here in Zbosse. My great-great-great-grandfather Daniel Remus' parents were Peter Remus born in 1746 in Preuss Friedland Parish in Kries Schlochau and lived in Schmirdau and Barbara Pufal/Zick born in 1746.

The size of the town and prominence of the church meant that many other marriages and baptisms happened here. The priest at the Catholic Church shown below said the Lutheran Church was destroyed in the Second World War. Following are pictures of the Catholic Church and the town viewed from the lakeside. My great-great-great-grandfather Daniel Remus may have been baptized in this Catholic Church since, as noted above, the Lutheran Church was banned from 1714 to 1772 in West Prussia.



Following are pictures of the old Evangelical (Lutheran) Church in Zempelburg prior to the War; this was the church associated with most of my ancestors. As the priest noted above, the church did not survive the war.


And lastly here are pictures of the old and new main street of Zempelburg:

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Click here for a 1914 map showing Zempelburg and area.

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October 1, 2007