Meirucin (Ruhheim), Kreis Mogilno, Posen

After the partition of Poland in the late 1700's, the Prussian government invited German farmers and cloth makers to settle in the new land. Andreas Biedermann was one such farmer and cloth maker and he settled in Meirucin, a village south of Labischen and north of Mogilno. Andreas attended the Catholic Church in Parlin and there is a record of his presence there, click here to go to Parlin. This is a very nice village with good rich soil. The village was not property of the Prussian government but likely was the property of a Polish noble family. My guess is that the Skorzewski family of Labischen owned this land as they owned other villages in the area.

It was such a nice village that the Biedermanns stayed there for several generations before moving on to Volhynia and ultimately Leduc near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Here are some pictures of that village:




Here is a map showing this village (German name Ruhheim at bottom right) and the area:



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October 8, 2010