Ziethen (Szczytno), Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia

Ziethen is a manorial village just west of Prechlau in Kries Schlochau. Around 1300 it was a very important village; the residence of a very important Castellan. This map depicts that time:


By the time the Remus family arrived, the Ziethen nobility were no longer as powerful.

Some of the earliest Remus family records come from this village which was shown in the Catholic Church books as Cittun. Elisabeth Remus, daughter of the earliest Michael Remus of Pollnitz, lived with her husband Franz Trehn. Their children were born here and in Zwadda. Also in this village was miller Ludwig Dahlmann whose son Friedrich and was to marry into the Remus family and was his daughter Florentine. Here is a map showing this village and the area:

(Click the map to blow it up)

A close look at Ziethen in the right hand corner of the map scanned from Der Kreis Schlochau shows the shape of the manorial estate including the manor house (gut) and the barns. The manor house is gone but here are two scans of it from an old postcard and from 1985 (thanks to Paul Sternberg):


The land and barns, however, remain. Following are the pictures:


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September 4, 2007