Gardschau (Godziszewo), Kreis Dirschau, West Prussia

Gardschau (Godziszewo) is a manorial village just north of Preuss Stargard. This village is important to me as the descendents of Johan Remus and Constantia Krause were living here. Their descendents lived in nearby Labunkan, Borrochau, and Janin (all shown on the map below) and ultimately Oil City, Pennsylvania. They are likely descendents of Adam Remus (who lived in Miradowo at the time of the West Prussia census in 1772). It is interesting to note that after the First Partition of Poland in 1772, there were numerous Swabians (Germans from the Kingdom of Wurtemburg) settled in this village.

Here is a picture of the old manor's barn that is now abandoned:



Here is the village church and some houses on the main road:



There is a mill, too. Here is a picture of the mill:


Here is a map showing this village (center top) and the area:


(Click the map to blow it up)


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September 17, 2006