Krojanken (Krojanty Dwor)

Krojanken is a manorial village north of Konitz and follows the standard village layout of workers houses surrounding a common area. It is important to Remus family history because Rotzol-Remus family lived in this village.

Christian Freidrich Rotzol and his wife Marie Elisabeth Remus were originally from Rotzollen (Marie was the daughter of Franz Remus of Stretzin) lived here while also farming in nearby Powalke at the time of the 1772 West Prussia Land Census. Here are the details of those records:

Rotzol, Christ.         Krojanten       Schlochau     18113094 6041  664  2782

He presently lives in a household consisting of himself, one woman, 2 sons under 12 (Samuel and ?), one daughter above 12 (Margarete Elisabeth), one daughter below 12 (Anna Dorothea), and 4 hired male workers and one hired female worker. This village is Krojanken, Kries Konitz.

Rotzol, Christ.        Powalcke        Schlochau     18113095 6041  723  2589

He presently lives in a household consisting of three male workers and two female hired workers. He is an arrend - tenant of an estate. The estate owner does not live in this household so this is also Christian Freidrich Rotzol living in nearby Krojanten. This village is Powalke, Kries Konitz. Click here for the descendents of Franz Remus including the Rotzol family.

Here are two pictures of the manor house. The first is from my 2006 visit and the second from a publicity brochure. The nobility has been replaced with a Clinic for health conscious Germans in the beautifully restored manor house:


I forgot to get pictures of the home of ordinary villagers but did get a picture of the sign at the entrance to the village:


Website lists the Polish Nobility in many Polish villages between 1700 and 1800. For Krojanken, it lists nobles v.Jatzkau, v.Hoym, v.Weiher, v.Somnitz, v.Rexin, v.Krockow, v.Schur-Lipinski, and v.Dembinski.

And here is Krojanken in relationship to Powalke:

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July 27, 2008