Rotzollen (Rocol), Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia


Rotzollen is a very small village at the edge of Kries Schlochau shown on the above 1850 map. The Rotzoll family was originally from Wusterbarth, Kreis Belgard, Pommern.

According to Alexander Treichel, George Andreas Rotzoll (24 May 1641 � 1 January 1714) was estate manager or tenant on different estates in Pommern before he acquired the property originally named Pustkowie that eventually became Rotzollen; it was acquired from Jakob Semerau called Wigray and his wife Ursula (n�e von Kleist) in the early 1700�s. His son Aegdius Christoph Rotzoll inherited the property upon his death.

My interest in this village is that Aegdius Christoph Rotzoll�s son Andreas Georg Rotzoll married Anna Margaretha Remus daughter of the village head (Schultz) Franz Remus of Stretzin. The Rotzoll family attended church in Pollnitz where their many children were baptized. Franz Remus eventually moved to Rotzollen to join his daughter and died there in 1797. Click here for the Rotzoll family genealogy. Click here for the Franz Remus genealogy.

Here is a picture of a painting of Andreas Rotzoll:

And here is a picture of a painting of his wife Anna Margaretha Remus:

(This is the earliest picture of a Remus from my family)

These pictures were from descendents of the Rotzoll family and very much appreciated.

On my trips in 2004 and 2006 I was not able to find it but found the nearby logging village of Kupfermuhl with a very nice water powered saw mill. On my 2006 trip I talked with the forest ranger in Kupfermuhle. He said the old village of Rotzollen no longer exists. There is a tourist camp near the Rotzollen site.

The stones from the manor house were removed for safety reasons. The ranger noted that there were pieces of glass from the glass mill that was there at one time. Fortunately, Professors Lukas and Krystyna Trcinski from University of Lodz became interested in this family and found a few remaining fragments on site. Here is a picture of both fragments of the manor house and of the glass produced by the mill that they found.

The location of the old manor house is shown on this map with the number 21 towards the right of the map.


The Rotzollen founding documents date from 1729; you can click on them below. The village head (schultz) privileg was made to Aegdius Christoph Rotzoll, the father of Andreas Georg above. The grant was from King Augustus, King of Saxony and Poland, and may have been as reward for service in the recently ended Great Northern War. This was also likely to have happed to the Wenskis of Wusters. Michael Remus of Pollnitz had a similar grant that may from this Augustus and confirmed by his son Augustus III after Augustus III won the Polish War of Succession in 1734. Click on the pages to read the Rotzoll documents (page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4, page 5, page 6, page 7, page 8, page 9, page 10, page 11, page 12, page 13, page 14, page 15, page 16, page 17 and page 18). The images may appear too big on your screen so download them to set your desired mix of size and clarity. There is evidence of that the Rotzoll family were officers during this period in the Saxon Army; click here to view that evidence.

Here is a photo of a painting of the old manor house at Rotzollen courtesy of Paul Sternberg and Joachim Y Zylka who are also interested in this village.

In later years, the children of the Rotzoll family moved to other villages in the area. The last Rotzoll to live in Rotzollen was August Gottlieb Ferdinand Rotzoll who was the owner from 1828 to 1853; he is pictured below:

Other estates owned by this family were at Tempelberg near Danzig as well as in Rakelwitz, Lottyn and Sternau in Kreis Konitz, West Prussia.


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