Lottyn (Lotyn), Kreis Konitz, West Prussia

The Rotzoll family was the gutsbesitzers (owners) of this estate after their purchase of the estate in 1830. They were descendents of the Remus and Rotzoll marriages of two generations earlier in the village of Rotzellen. There is more about this family toward the end of this web page.

Here is a picture of first of the estate house (gut) and then of the renovated modern estate. It is now a registered historic building.


The gut was rebuilt in 1850 and by 1900 the entire manorial farm had been sold and redeveloped as housing for many small farms.

Many of the farm buildings were converted for other uses. Here is a house using part of the granary structure:

Here is the sheep barn partially converted into a house:

Here is the distillery:

Here is a picture of the back side of the old estate which faced a park that the family had created:

The park was part of the estate and was normally open only to the owner and guests. It is now a park for all:

Here is a map showing the original buildings in dark lines as well as the current buildings:

And here is a modernized version of where the workers lived that incorporates portions of the old worker housing:


Franz Samuel Rotzoll (13 Feb 1759 � 10 April 1833) was the oldest son of Andreas Georg Rotzoll and Anna Margarete Remus and the owner of Lottyn till his death in Lottyn (10 April 1833). The gut at Tempelburg near Danzig belonged to Christian Friedrich Rotzoll (29.08.1765 - 18.11.1843) who was also a son of Andreas Georg Rotzoll and Anna Margarete Remus of Rotzellen.

Franz Samuel�son Franz Gottlieb Rotzoll (28 July 1806 - 03 May 1870 - shown below) inherited Lottyn:

Franz Gottlieb Rotzoll bought the Gut at Sternau for his second son Eduard August Andreas Rotzoll (29 June 1836 � 28 September 1903) and the gut at Rakelwitz for his first son Franz Friedrich Wilhelm Rotzoll (03 July 1832 - 29 July 1886). The owner of Lottyn after Franz Gottlieb Rotzoll�s death was his son Georg Joseph Heinrich Rotzoll (22 February 1844 - 04 January 1902). Click here for the Rotzoll family genealogy.

The family was Lutheran and would have attended the Lutheran church in Konitz (or a nearby chapel). Were they Catholic, they would have attended nearby Neukirche (Nowa Cerkiew). Here is a map showing these villages:

The people responsible for the documentation and restoration of this village are Professors Lukas and Krystyna Trzcinski from University of Lodz. It is their documentation that you see above the in the village map and there research in the village of Rotzellen there described. They are also responsible for getting preservation status for this village. Here I am with them in the old manor house.


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