Stretzin (Strzeczona)

Stretzin is a lovely village fairly near Preuss Friedland, the central village for the early Remus family. Stretzin as a village dates back to the Teutonic Knights prior to 1500. The Church of St Lorenz below was built in 1769; the church records are at Preuss Friedland. Here are the pictures of this church in Franz Remus' village. During his time, the Lutheran Church was banned so this Catholic Church was his church. It was rebuilt in 1680.


Frantz Remus was the likely brother of Michael Remus of Pollnitz. Many of his descendents moved to Kries Tuchel in the 18th century. Here is the Frantz Remus record from the 1772 land census:

Remus, Frantz Stretzin Schlochau 18113097 6041 757 60

Frantz was living with wife, 2 sons (Frantz and Anna Catherina), 1 daughter (Catharina), 4 male hired workers, and 3 female hired workers. Franz was born in 1711 and died in 1797 in Rotzellen. The 1782 to 1788 tax records show no Remus in this village.

His children married well. Anna Margaretha married Andreas Rotzol, a miller in Rotzellen on the lake about 10 miles west of Pollnitz. Eva Rosina married Jacob Nehring, the schultz of Lanken. Christian married Anna Roemer and lived in Danzig. Michael married Anna Maria Wenski, sister of the Schultz of Schwente and was a miller in Plotzmin. Click here for the genealogy of the Franz Remus family.

Michael Remus the son of Michael Remus #1 of Pollnitz also lived in Stretzin as a small time free farmer in this village. After the death of his wife, he married Eva Templin and moved to Christfelde. Click here for the genealogy of that family including this Michael.

Here is a detailed area map from 1830 showing Stretzin:

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Here is a detailed area map from 1850 showing Stretzin and the area:

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