Kupfermuhle (Kopernica), Kreis Konitz, West Prussia

Kupfermuhle was originally just a mill site associated with the Rozellen estate (the estate was owned by the Rotzel family, many with Remus wives). Martin Remus and his wife Eva also lived here, Martin worked in the mill. They went to church in Pollnitz, Kreis Schlochau and their records are in the Prechlau parish church book.

Kupfermuhle grew and became a village; 6 buildings and 3 families were here in mid 1800ís. The mill was used both to saw wood and to grind grain. Here is a picture of the old mill house (now filled with apartments); the mill was located on the stream on the far side of the building:

Now Kupfermuhle is a village where the foresters are headquartered and where there is a functioning sawmill. Here is a picture of the houses at the center of the village:

Here I am talking with the forest ranger and his wife about the history of this village:

The forest ranger is also working to preserve an old graveyard in the village; click here to see two pictures from that graveyard.

Following is a map of the village. You can see the millpond labeled 124,8 and the manor house as 21 as the stream approaches the lake:


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September 19, 2006