Klein Mangelmuhle (Maly Medromiez)

Klein Mangelmuhle is a manorial village in Kreis Tuchel. In the early 1800's a large part of the Remus family was moving from Kreis Flatow and Kries Schlochau to Kreis Tuchel. Kensau and Gross Mangemuhle had important concentrations of family members as did Klein Manglemuhle; Jehlenz was the local Catholic Church where their baptisms and marriages were recorded. Paul Remus and Veronica Zmich (and her in-laws) lived in this village. Click here for their genealogy. Their children moved on to Summin and Zamarte, both in Kreis Tuchel.

Here is a view of the village church and two views of the remaining barns from the manorial farm:





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September 17, 2007