Preuss Stargard (Starograd Gdanski), Kreis Preuss Stargard, West Prussia

Preuss Stargard (Stargard = Stary Gard = old settlement) (Starograd Gdanski) is an important down south of Danzig (Gdansk) near the river to Torun and Bromberg. It also is a central location for many small villages in the area. There are a fair number of Remus family members in the area including Gardschau, Bohlschau, Janin, and Labunkan.

Preuss Stargard is a walled and gated town; here is a picture of a gate:

Preuss Stargard has a large market square shown here:

There is a Catholic Church:

There is also a church that was once a Lutheran church:

And here is a former synagogue.


Here is a map of that town:

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October 1, 2006