Rummelsburg (Miastko), Kreis Rummelsburg, Pommern

Rummelsburg is the most important town and the administrative center of Kreis Rummelsburg in the old Pommern (now modern Poland). The town was first described in 1478 as being situated in the Pomeranian virgin woodlands. It was a small town that was the family seat of the von Massow family for many centuries. Rummelsburg was devastated in the war between Polish and Swedish armies around 1650. In 1653 it moved from Polish control to being a part of Pomerania. It remained a small town until the 1880's when supplied farm products and raw materials to Stolp.

This Kreis is the source of many immigrants to Volhynia, the USA, and Canada largely due to its poor soil. The town was badly damaged in the war by the Red Army so most of the older parts of the town are gone. Today it has about 13000 residents and almost no industry. (Source of much of the above is the Winter 2009 issue of the Newsletter of the Kashubian Association of North America

While I know of no Remus family members here, this town is important to me as it was the regional center serving villages like Darsen, Starsen, and Gross Peterkau where the Remus family lived in the early 1700's.

Here is a picture of the exterior and interior of the Catholic Church in Rummelsburg as well as an ecclesiastical building in the town.



Here is what remains of the central shopping area and mill in Rummelsburg.




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January 21, 2010