Gross Peterkau (Pietrzykowo)

Gross Peterkau is a village in Kreis Schlochau, West Prussia just across the border from Rummelsburg in Pommern. This village, along with nearby Darsen and Starsen, is important to me as some of the earliest records of the Remus family are from this village. The village is first mentioned in 1313. The church in the village dates back to 1610 when the early members of the Remus family were there (it was remodeled in the 18th century).

In the 1700's this village was in possession of the von der Goltz family. From 1735 to 1771, Paul Boguslaw von der Goltz was resident; he was described as "Obrist von Leutnant Sr. Kgl. Majestät von Polen und Kurf. Durchlaucht zu Sachsen". Or in English, Senior Lieutenant Colonel in the Army of the Majesty of Poland and the Highness to Saxony. Note that similar titles were also given to Obrist von Więckowski/Wenski of Wusters and Michael Remus of Pollnitz showing links between this area and veterans of the army of Augustus the Strong, King of Saxony and Poland. Upon Paul Bosguslaw's death, his son Karl took possession of the village.

Following is a map showing the church, houses, and mill of the village.



Here is a picture of the modernized exterior of the church. We could not get inside, however, we were told that the interior is quite beautiful and dates back several hundred years. The next picture thereafter is of the old church bell.


The next picture shows the land just west of the village where the windmill once was located and then a fishing pond in the center of the village.



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September 17, 2007