Zalno (Sehlen)

Zalno (Sehlen) is a manorial village just east of Konitz. Originally this village owned by the Teutonic knights. After 1466 it became the property of the Zalinski family; the King of Poland had granted it to Nicolai Zalinski. It was the seat of an important castellan. Here are pictures of the old manor house (gut) and its last noble owner:

The Zalno manor house was converted to a tourism and meeting site with nice lake view. Here is a picture of the renovated gut and the manor's barns.

There is a manorial village just out the door but I did not take pictures of it. Too bad since Zappendro residents Johan Remus and Susanna Abram's son-in-law David Schilling and daugher Caroline Florentine Remus lived in Zalno (Sehlen) and had several children here before moving on to Neutuchel. This family didn't live in the gut but must have worked on the manor and lived in one of the houses in the manorial village. Click here for this family.


Here is a map showing this village, the old estate house (gut) and barns beside the lake, and the area:

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September 17, 2006