Lobsens (Lobzenica)

Lobsens is town southwest of Vandsburg. It was the site of a major Lutheran Church and a Catholic Church that served many small villages in the area including some associated with the Lorenz Remus family (including Rudna, Szczerbin, and Bondecz) that eventually ended up in Bialobloty. Also Lobsens was the residence of Daniel Gums and Helena Remus (sister of Lorenz). For the genealogy of the latter family, click here on the genealogy of the Martin Remus family and view family 4.

The town has a very nice market plaza shown in the picture below:



On the market plaza is an old post office and an old building. Here are pictures of each:

The two lovely churches in the town are shown below. The first has always been Catholic and the second was formerly a Lutheran Church. Both are now used as Catholic Churches.

LaRene Herburger Kauffman's ( grandmother Agnes Ida Ring (Herburger) was baptized in the Lutheran church immediately above.

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September 18, 2006