Minikowo was one of the villages that early on had a Remus presence. Andreas Remus and Marianna Nowaska lived in Minikowo from around 1858 to 1874 and raised his family there. It is likely that Andreas was a son Andreas Remus and Marie Zaremba of Kesowo. Click here for this family.

Johan Remus and Anna Halweg of Okiersk also have descendents in this village; in particular, the Michael Kathke and Dorothea Elisabeth Remus family and their descendents. Click here for those families. Also there is a Johan Remus family whose descendents married into the Abraham family of this village; click here for this family.

Here is a picture of the mill site and the village:



Here is a 1939 map showing Minikowo. This area is south of both Polish Ceksyn and Gross Byslaw:

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