Skrzynka near Ossiek

My interest in this village stems from the presence of Johan Remus and family in the village during the 1772 land census.

There are two West Prussia villages in the same area and with this name. One is northwest of Jezewo (Jeschewo) and the other near Ossiek. I visited the second but have now found the first to be the correct village since Johan Remus was found in the Jezewo (Jeschewo) church books. Click here to go to Skrzynka in Jezewo parish. The following map shows the correct village near Jezewo is this map:


The second and incorrect Skrzynka is a village near Ossiek and Skorz. But it is an interesting village so here are the details. It is located in sandy soil and likely had an economy based on timber production. In the village there are the foundations of a mill which probably was a water-powered sawmill.

Here is a picture of the street going through the village:

And a picture of an older house.

Here is a map showing this village:


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May 28, 2009