Large amounts of land were made available for homesteading in eastern Saskatchewan. Officially the homesteads were available in 1905 but apparently many people settled in those lands earlier. August Remus and his sons (except Wilhelm Remus who stayed near Emerson MB) moved to claim a homestead arriving by 1901. As did Karl Julius Lundgren from Morris MN and his brothers Gustav, Axel and Andrew Sandberg. These grants were on the eastern edge of Saskatchewan in the villages of Langenburg, Spy Hill, and Marchwell SK. Click here for a list of the applications made. Here is a map to locate this area:

Here are scans of several applications from around 1905. So click on the below links to see those applications which include a lot of information on their families and farming equipment.

August Wilhelm Remus, the patriarch of the family, was 65 when the homesteading occurred. First he stayed with his son:

August Remus (Junior) of Langenburg

August Remus Junior later returned to Altona Manitoba to live with his son. By 1906 August Wilhelm Remus and his wife lived with his son Rudolf:

Rudolf Remus of Langenburg

Here is a picture of Rudolf Remus and family (from his grandson Calvin Remus):

Part of August Wilhelm Remus's family was his son Edward Remus who married Mary Lungren, the daughter of neighbor:

Karl Julius Lungren of Langenburg

Eduard and Mary later settled at Spy Hill, SK and here is their homestead report:

Edward Remus of Spy Hill

Edward Remus is my grandfather and my grandmother is Mary Lundgren. After several bad years of farming in Spy Hill, they left for Michigan in the 1920's. August and Rudolf were brothers of my grandfather Edward Remus.

For 2011 pictures of many of the above sites, click on Langenburg, Spy Hill, and Marchwell SK.


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