Gross Bukowitz (Bukowiec Wielki)

In 1789 there was a manorial farm in Bukowiec Wielki (Gross Bukowitz), Kreis Schwetz which belonged to a noble family. Next to it there were 3 houses. My interest in this village is actually just a little earlier in 1772 when Adam Remus lived in this village.

There are two versions of his 1772 land census records for Adam Remus:


Remus, Adam Buccowitz Ossieck 18011048 6037 773 1740

This one says Adam Remus is living with a wife, one son and two daughters.


Remus, Adam Buchowietz Ossiek 18011048 6037 116 42 1740

This one says Adam Remus is living with a wife. This record says he has no sons living with him (the daughter column is cut off).


Actually we know more about Adam Remus and his descendents; click here for details. In particular, his two sons Christoph and Simon married and moved to nearby Jezewo parish. Simon's family ended up at the manorial farm in Belno and Christoph ended up as an independent farmer in sandy Skryznia. Move to those villages to see their genealogies. And Adam's grandsons Michael and Johan moved on to Schwarzwald (Czarylas).

Later the manorial farm at Gross Bukowitz was divided up among the farmers and a lot of wooden houses were built; some houses are 200 years old. Others built of brick date back to time after 1862 when fire destroyed part of the village. The nearest church was a Skurz.

Here are two pictures of the modern village:


Here is a map of the area:



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August 17, 2010