Wendish Karstenitz (Karznica), Kreis Stolp, Pommern

Wendish Karstenitz (Karznica) is of interest to me as it contained the Johan Jacob Remus (the younger) family. The ancestry of this family begins with Johan Remus a miller in Bergelau, Kreis Schlochau and then to his son Michael Remus of Pollnitz, Kreis Schlochau who later sold his holdings in Pollnitz and moved on to found the mill in Okiersk, Kreis Tuchel. Michael's eldest son was Johan Jacob Remus (the older) who died relatively young in Okiersk. But Johan Jacob's eldest son also named Johan Jacob Remus (the younger) moved to Wendish Karstenitz (Karznica), Kreis Stolp, Pommern and ultimately died in Neu Gegelow, Kreis Stolp. Many of the descendents of Johan Jacob Remus (the younger) ended up in MI and MN, either directly of via East Prussia.

Also Johan Jacob Remus (the younger) brother Martin Remus was living within a mile west at the village of Rambow. Also, there is a mysterious Christian Gottlieb Remus who shows up as a witness and is about the age of Johan Jacob (the younger) and Martin Remus. These Remus families attended Lutheran church in Lupow, Kreis Stolp.

Some of these folks are well documented in the attached genealogy but others such as the family of Adolph Remus and Albertine Stromer who lived in nearby Vargow are demonstrated by DNA matching but the paper to prove that link is still lacking. Click here for what we know about the descendents of Johan Jacob Remus (the younger). Click here for what we know about Johan Jacob's brother Martin.


This village is a manorial farm and pictured below is the impressive manor house and manorial barn owned prior to the war by the von Puttkamer family. The Johan Jacob Remus (the younger) family was here from at least 1804 to 1818. The village now appears to have been first converted into a state farm under the communists and then divided into small farms following the removal of the communists. Here are pictures of the estate house (gut) and one of the manorial barns:





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August 11, 2010